Climate Controlled Storage

Climate-Control Protects Your Items

We provide climate-controlled storage units for your personal belongings, and business storage.  Climate-controlled storage units are indoors to help protect your items from the changing weather temperature.  This helps with protection and preservation of items that you wish to store.  The storage units are heated in the winter and cooled in the summer.   If you are moving, taking a long trip, or need to protect precious belongings, a climate-controlled unit could be right for you. Items that may require climate-control include but are not limited to; 
  • Wine
  • Medical Supplies
  • Electronics
  • Antiques
  • Pictures and Photo Albums
  • Paint and Art Supplies
  • Business Storage

Prepare For Climate Control

What Items Will You Be Storing?

Make a list of the items you plan to store.  Organize your items, so they can be packed with similar items together.  You can purchase moving supplies like bubble wrap, news paper and boxes at our store.   When packing your boxes make sure to use bubble wrap or newspaper to fill the empty spaces in your boxes.  This will help minimize damage while moving.  Make sure to label your boxes so you can easily locate items you might need.

View our climate- controlled units or give us a call. We offer a variety of units and sizes in and around Spring, Texas 
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Jenny Hernandez on 09/18/2023
Great Customer Service, Angel Tineo. Made My Search easy didn’t have shop around for storage place. Thank you Jenny H.
Naomi Taisakan on 08/31/2023
If there is something you’re needing to store you need to look no further. Texas Mega Storage has that “Texas hospitality” everyone talks about. That comfort love. Ms. Rochelle & Mr. Angel are the BEST! They are absolutely so phenomenal that I would stay just to keep their friendship. Remember, you get what you pay for… Right here is Quality & Security. Thanks guys! Keep that energy going! It attracts more wonderful people y’all’s way!
Jayde Hartley on 07/21/2023
Such a friendly storage rental place. Richelle was so welcoming and informative. Great prices & great people.