8 Storage Tips for Self Storage


We all rent a self storage unit for one of many different reasons, including running our of space or a guilty free zone for awesome treasure finds. There are several ways to safely store your items in self storage. If you are going to rent one of our hassle free no contract units, you should protect your investment. The following are tips to help you get the most out of our self storage while protecting your belongings. Use pallets to elevate your items One of the most important tips for protecting items in self storage is keeping them off the floor. If you are storing fabric items like sofas or mattresses, you can never be too safe. Elevate all of your items on pallets to keep them from having contact with the floor. Wrap what you can Wrap the items in your self storage unit with industrial plastic wrap. Taking the time to properly wrap your things will ensure dust and insects won’t cause damage. Wrap delicate items such as glasses or mirrors in bubble wrap as well, we sell both of these items in the office. Use a strong lock Texas Mega Storage has security cameras and a gate that requires passcode access, but it still important to secure your unit with a strong lock. Purchase an all-weather padlock or a disk lock with a short arm. The short arm on the padlock will ensure bolt cutters cannot slide in and slice it open. We also have both of these locks in stock at all times. Label your items Even though you know what you are placing in your self storage unit, it is still important to label your belongings. Labeling your items will prevent a struggle when it comes to moving them out if you need them. You will likely forget exactly what is in each box or move in a few months time, so labeling can help ...

October 28th, 2020

Halloween Decoration Tips

Halloween Tips

Tips For Storing Halloween Decorations Do you love the Halloween season? According to a recent survey, American’s spend on average $82.93 on Halloween decorations annually. When you combine the cost of decorations with the average amount spent on Halloween costumes, $70.81, Halloween can take quite a bit out of your pocket book! If your Halloween decorations and costumes are stored properly, you won’t have to dish out the dough next Halloween. Even if you only plan on wearing your costume for one year, it is still a good idea to store it properly. You may be able to use a piece of your costume for future costumes or may get a decent amount of money selling it in the future. Try out these Halloween costume and decoration storage tips! Tips for Storing Halloween Costumes 1. Clean Costumes and Decorations Immediately: As soon as your Halloween celebration is over, care for your decorations and costumes. When cleaning your Halloween items, follow the care instruction laid out by the manufacturer. Avoid stains from setting into your costumes by concentrating on any problem areas you see. 2. Wait for Halloween Costumes to Dry: Before storing your Halloween costumes, allow them ample time to dry. If your items are wet during storage, it will be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. 3. Color Coordinate Boxes: Plastic bins are a smart way to store your Halloween decorations and items. If you decorate for Halloween, you more than likely decorate for other holidays. Make it easier on yourself next holiday season by storing different holiday items in different colored boxes. Even though your Halloween tubs will be a different color than Christmas, Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, clearly label the box with a list of the contents. This will help you to distinguish your Halloween costume box from the Halloween decoration box. 1. Wrap the Lights: Keep your purple, black and orange twinkle lights sparkling next Halloween by properly storing ...

October 16th, 2020

10 Tips for Self- Storage


Top 10 Self Storage Tips and Tricks Did you just send your youngest kid off to college? Now might be the perfect time to downsize your home. There are many benefits of living in a smaller house including less cleaning time and lower property taxes. But what do you do with that second refrigerator that’s in the garage or the small couch in the basement? These are things you might want to save for your kid’s first home or when they get that off-campus apartment in college. 1. Use Dryer Sheets One of the most important storage tips is to make sure your belongings are safe from pests. That’s right, spiders, moths, and rats can all find their way into units and wreak havoc on your stuff. One way to repel them is by using dryer sheets. Place them in the corners of your unit and inside boxes. The smell will keep unwanted critters away while leaving your belongings smelling fresh and flowery. Unfortunately, this isn’t a once and done trick. It’s recommended to replace the sheets once a month. 2. Stack to the Ceiling When it comes to renting a storage unit, you’ll want to maximize your space. The smaller storage space you can use, the more money you’ll save. The best way to fit all your belongings is to utilize vertical space. Stack your boxes on top of each other until they reach the ceiling. If your worried about putting too much weight on bottom boxes, consider using a shelving unit – you’ll still take advantage of all that vertical space, but you’ll be putting less pressure on your boxes. 3. Protect Your Valuables When your packing for storage, you may not think to take extra precautions to protect your belongings. After all, they’ll just be sitting in storage. However, you’ll be stacking boxes on top of each other and moving them around periodically as you dig through your unit. This ...

October 13th, 2020