How-To Store a Motorcycle for Self-Storage

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storing a motorcycle in a storage unit

If you own a motorcycle, you know just how difficult it can be trying to find a place to store it when it’s not in use. Here at Texas Mega Storage, we understand your dilemma and want to lend a helping hand. Our units are ideal for motorcycle self-storage and so much more. So, if the outside elements are putting your motorcycle at risk, read this guide to learn how you can put your ride in storage and enjoy peace of mind. Things to Consider When Storing Your Motorcycle in a Storage Unit in Spring, Texas Unlike a box of dishes or knickknacks, putting a motorcycle in storage requires some careful planning and preventative steps. Below, we discuss the most important aspects to consider before bringing in your motorcycle. It Has to Run Rules and regulations dictate that your motorcycle has to run before you can put it in a storage facility. It doesn’t have to look the greatest, but you need to be able to show that it’s in good, running condition. You Have to Own It The motorcycle you put in storage must be your own. You therefore have to show your vehicle registration and prove that it’s your motorcycle. To help save time, remember to bring your motorcycle’s paperwork with you when picking out a storage unit. Save the Tune-Ups for Home Unfortunately, you can’t use a storage facility to work on your motorcycle. If you believe it needs some tinkering, try to take care of it before you bring it in. You don’t want to store a motorcycle that’s leaking fluids, for example. Fill ‘er Up You want your motorcycle to have a safe time in storage. One way you can ensure this is to fill up its tank before bringing it in. A fuel tank that’s sitting on empty or even has only a little bit of gas in it can cause the tank to rust due to condensation. Moreover, it’s a good idea to use some fuel stabilizer, too, as doing so will prevent deterioration. So ...

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September 6th, 2022