10 Tips for Self- Storage


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July 13th, 2021

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Top 10 Self Storage Unit Tips and Tricks

Did you just send your youngest kid off to college? Now might be the perfect time to downsize your home. There are many benefits of living in a smaller house including less cleaning time and lower property taxes. But what do you do with that second refrigerator that’s in the garage or the small couch in the basement? These are things you might want to save for your kid’s first home or when they get that off-campus apartment in college.

1. Use Dryer Sheets
One of the most important storage tips is to make sure your belongings are safe from pests. That’s right, spiders, moths, and rats can all find their way into units and wreak havoc on your stuff. One way to repel them is by using dryer sheets. Place them in the corners of your unit and inside boxes. The smell will keep unwanted critters away while leaving your belongings smelling fresh and flowery. Unfortunately, this isn’t a once and done trick. It’s recommended to replace the sheets once a month.

2. Stack to the Ceiling
When it comes to renting a storage unit, you’ll want to maximize your space. The smaller storage space you can use, the more money you’ll save. The best way to fit all your belongings is to utilize vertical space. Stack your boxes on top of each other until they reach the ceiling. If your worried about putting too much weight on bottom boxes, consider using a shelving unit – you’ll still take advantage of all that vertical space, but you’ll be putting less pressure on your boxes.

3. Protect Your Valuables
When your packing for storage, you may not think to take extra precautions to protect your belongings. After all, they’ll just be sitting in storage. However, you’ll be stacking boxes on top of each other and moving them around periodically as you dig through your unit. This increases the chance that something will break. Don’t take any chances. Instead, pack your fragile items with bubble wrap to ensure they’re still intact when you want to use them.

4. Label Boxes
When you move, what’s the first thing you do when you finish packing a box? You label it right? Well, that idea works with storage units too. One of the best self-storage tips and tricks is to label your boxes. But don’t just write “living room stuff” and call it a day. Instead, label the main components in each box. This way, you’ll know exactly what’s in every box without having to open them up first.

5. Disassemble What You Can
Do you have a large table or TV stand going in your storage unit? This can take up a lot of precious room. Instead, follow storage unit tips and disassemble what you can. Wrap the pieces together and keep all screws in a bag taped to the bundle. You’ll be able to save room in your storage unit and won’t have to worry about losing parts.

6. Use All the Space
Unfortunately, not all large items can be disassembled for easier storage. Some items, like dressers, hutches, and garbage cans, have to stay intact. But that doesn’t mean you can take advantage of what they have to offer. Each of these items has plenty of empty space. Garbage cans, shelves, and drawers can be used to store fragile items to keep them extra safe.

7. Make an Aisle
So, the day has come where you transfer everything to your storage unit. After a while, you may run out of steam and be tempted to throw it all in there as quickly as possible. But don’t forget to make an aisle in the rush of things. You’ll want to plan for one aisle going down the center of your unit with the labels on your boxes face the aisle. You’ll be able to see all your belongings without having to jump over boxes or push things aside.

8. Treat Leather
Are you storing leather furniture? You may not think about preparing that couch for long-term storage. However, you should take the proper steps to clean and preserve anything leather. Leather conditioner will do the trick. It’ll help ensure that your leather furniture and clothing comes out of storage looking good as new.

9. Make Sure Everything is Dry
Everyone’s worst nightmare is to walk into their storage unit and find everything wet! While the facility takes the proper measures to ensure there’s no leaky roof, that doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods. Dishwashers and refrigerators can both hold water inside them. You’ll want to make sure you drain your dishwasher and defrost your refrigerator before you store them. If you don’t, that water will end up leaking out eventually and can soak your boxes.

10. Use Vacuum Seal Bags
Alright, so we’ve already mentioned two great ways to keep moisture and pests out of your storage until. While these are both great storage unit tips to follow, there is one more precaution you should take. Store anything you can in vacuum sealed bags. This includes clothes as well as drapes, blankets, bedding, and pillows. Not only will the vacuum sealed bags protect your belongings from moisture and pests, but it’ll help save space as well! Are you thinking about decluttering or downsizing your home? You may find yourself with tons of things that you don’t want to keep at home, but you don’t want to get rid of either. This is the perfect time to get a storage unit.