5 Self Storage Mistakes


Texas Mega Storage
June 27th, 2022

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Self-storage is convenient for several situations, but people also make several mistakes when choosing self-storage. When people do not use self-storage correctly, they run the risk of putting their items in danger. Please continue reading to learn everything you need about self-storage mistakes that you can easily avoid.
You do not need to lose money and important valuables when choosing a self-storage solution. However, if you are careful and avoid mistakes, self-storage is an excellent way to keep your items safe.

Common Self Storage Mistakes

Skipping the Storage Insurance

Many people make the mistake of not getting insurance when they use self-storage. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that someone will not break into your storage unit and steal your stuff. However, when you have insurance on your items, you can at least get financial compensation back if your items get stolen. Also, self-storage insurance is affordable and can prevent you from losing money. The following are benefits to keeping storage insurance when you use self-storage.

  • Protect yourself financially against theft and damage.
  • Reduce emotional stress caused by losing important items.
  • Have a sense of preparation when you use self-storage.
  • Minimize business and personal losses.

Skipping out on storage insurance can cause you great emotional and financial distress. Most people value the items in their storage units even if they don't make use of them every day, and losing these items can be detrimental to your mental well-being. It is important to remember that accidents and thefts do happen, and you need to protect yourself from those potential situations.

Picking too Large of a Storage Unit

The larger a storage unit you buy, the more money you will spend to rent it out every month. You should assess your space needs and then rent out a storage unit that properly suits those needs so that you don't waste money by picking a storage unit that's too big.

Picking too Small of a Storage Unit

Even though you can waste money when you pick too large a storage unit, picking too small a storage unit is also a massive mistake. When you pick too small a storage unit, you might want to get rid of extra stuff that you initially did not want to get rid of. Picking too small a storage unit is a big hassle because you will find out when you move stuff into the unit that you do not have enough room to fit everything you need.

If you are storing large items or many items in your storage unit, you should measure them to ensure that you pick the right size storage unit for your needs. For example, if you store a car in your storage unit, you need to make sure you pick a unit that can accommodate the size of your vehicle. View our storage calculator to determine the right size unit for your needs.

Lack of Organization

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you have a storage unit is not organizing your items before putting them in the unit. You may be tempted to pack everything up without labeling it and just shove it in the unit and deal with it later; however, when you choose to store your items this way, you may lose them and waste money buying replacements.

Neglecting to organize your items before storing them in a storage unit is also a huge time waster. You can quickly find your items when you correctly organize and label your boxes. On the other hand, if you choose not to label your boxes or store your items chaotically, you will spend hours trying to find the items you need when you need them.

Storing Food

Many people make the mistake of storing food in their storage unit. You should never store food in a storage unit unless it is completely shelf stain stable, and airtight. Foods that can be stored in a storage unit are nonperishables that are completely sealed up. The following are shelf-stable items that are safe to store in a storage unit.

  • Canned goods can be stored in the storage unit as long as they are completely sealed in airtight containers.
  • Dehydrated emergency food supplies are safe to store in a storage unit for as long as the container says the food is safe to consume.
  • Non-sugar-based powder meals can be stored securely in a storage unit without attracting insects or pests as long as they're sealed properly.

Sugar should never be stored in a storage unit, even though it is a powder, because it can attract ants and other insects. This situation can cause an infestation that can ruin the items in your storage unit. This scenario can also cause liability issues for yourself with the owner of your storage unit that you rent. Always be mindful of insects and wild animals that are interested in eating food that they find in a storage unit.

When you store food in your storage unit, you run the risk of it going bad and attracting insects to your items. When food goes bad in a storage unit, it can be absolutely vile and stink up all of the items that you have in that unit. Therefore, the only food you should store in a storage unit is food that you could also store in a bomb shelter. Never store perishables, sugars, meats, or dairy in your storage unit.

Final Thoughts on Self Storage Mistakes

Avoiding common self-storage mistakes will keep your items as safe as possible. Getting storage insurance, avoiding storing food, and locking all your items up is the best way to keep yourself and your item safe from theft and damage. When you avoid these situations, you give yourself peace of mind when you are away from your storage unit.

Unfortunately, many people do not have the time to check on their storage units every day, so you should be as careful as possible when using self-storage. Contact Texas Mega Storage in Spring, Texas to find the right storage unit for your unique situation. Our staff can help you find a unit that best fits your needs. We have climate controlled units for more delicate items.