Climate Control is a must in Texas heat


Texas Mega Storage
July 13th, 2021

climate controlled storage units

Climate controlled Storage is a Must in Texas Heat

You may not think you need climate-controlled units in Texas, but chances are you are you probably aren’t aware of the difference between climate and non-climate

Write down this number . . . (281) 355-7000 . . . you might just need it after you read this article.

When self storage units need to be climate control . . .

Let’s talk about oxidation. Extreme heat causes oxidation. In Texas, summers can see 115 degrees. That qualifies as extreme heat and yes, it will cause oxidation. What is oxidation? Think of it as a change in electrons in matter, and think of a change in electrons as a change in the matter itself. And yes, extreme heat will cause oxidation, which means it will change the appearance of an object. Which materials are subject to oxidation damage? Get ready for a shock! The following are just a partial list of items in storage units which can be damaged by oxidation:

  • Wood furniture
  • Leather furniture
  • Household appliances
  • Special collections
  • Coins
  • Stamps
  • Wine
  • Musical instruments
  • Artwork
  • Clothing
  • Business documents
  • Photos
  • Electronics
In other words, practically everything that people normally place in a mini storage, can be harmed by extreme heat. Thus the need for air conditioned storage!

Climate controlled storage is a must in Texas!

So now that we understand the need for climate controlled storage, the next item on the agenda is finding the right size self storage unit you can count on, and that’s where Texas Mega Storage is here to get you exactly what you need. Locally owned and operated, Texas Mega Storage has been a name you can trust in the Spring, Klein area for a number of years now. Texas Mega Storage basically has everything you could want in a self storage unit: great rates, good move-in specials, 24/7 video monitoring, friendly staff, wide aisles for easy access, month to month contracts, drive up outdoor storage, indoor storage, RV storage, boat storage, trailer storage . . . Texas Mega Storage literally has it all, we are also in the process of adding more so stay tuned for updates Consider all of these features:

  • 24/7 access
  • Easy Ground Level Access with wide aisles
  • Back your vehicle up and unload into storage unit
  • Close to Major Highways and Toll roads
  • 24 hour Surveillance Cameras
  • Computer controlled gates
  • Personalized Coded Gate Access (both in and out!)
  • Storage access with passcode history recorded
Affordable Self Storage Rates & Rentals
  • Rent Month to month, no lease
  • Affordable Rates – Compare our rates and features with others’
  • All Payment forms accepted
  • Online pay and account access
  • Convenient Auto Debit Billing Option
  • Easy access gate clicker to get you in and out without touching the keypad for an additional monthly fee
Add it all together and you come up with one conclusion: for the best in self storage in the Spring area Texas Mega Storage is the name to trust. Give us a call today!