Declutter With These Seasonal Self Storage Tips


Texas Mega Storage
July 13th, 2021

Declutter With These Seasonal Self Storage Tips

We can help you store your items all year round. See what you should consider about self storage units in the fall, winter, spring, and summer months.

At Texas Mega Storage, we’re prepared to help with your storage needs all year round. During certain seasons there are different factors to consider when picking out a self storage option. Changes in weather, temperature, and humidity can cause issues for some items. You may also realize that there are certain belongings of yours, from decorations to vehicles, that you don’t need all year long, making them perfect for seasonal storage.

Our self storage facility can help you figure out your seasonal storage needs and find the solutions that you need.

General Tips

Regardless of which season it is there are some general storage tips to follow. First make sure that you clean any items that you plan to store. Any kind of dust or grime buildup is only going to get worse as your items sit in storage. Also make sure that everything is accurately labeled. We love our customers, but we’re sure that they don’t want to spend all day here trying to sort through their storage units to find the seasonal items that they need. Some extra time spent and some smart labeling can make a big difference in every season.


The fall is a great time to put away summer items that just aren’t going to get any use for a while. Outdoor equipment, like lawn mowers and weed trimmers, probably don’t need to be taking up extra space in your garage. Patio furniture might also do better in storage, instead of sitting out in the cold and snow all season long. You can also put away your grill, but make sure that you clean it first! Those leftover food particles can attract pests. You can also put away summer clothing, like shorts and swimsuits, once the leaves start to change.


When winter rolls around you might want to look into climate-controlled storage. Declining temperatures can have adverse effects on certain types of items, so ask our staff if your stored belongings can benefit from a more stable environment. This is also a good season to consider vehicle storage. You don’t get much use out of ATVs, RVs, and boats during the winter months. So why not safely store them at our facility in Spring.


The spring is the perfect time to put away winter gear, shovels, and other winter equipment. You can also safely store winter clothes and items like ice skates or winter hunting gear. Of course, now is also a great time to put away seasonal holiday decorations that you won’t need again for months.


Summer is another good time to think about climate-controlled storage units and vehicle storage. We can help protect valuables, from collectibles to antiques, from changing temperatures and humidity levels. We can even help you store seasonal vehicles like snowmobiles that simply won’t get any use in the warmer weather.

Safely Storing Your Items All Year Long in Spring, Tx

No matter what the weather outside looks like, Texas Mega Storage is here to help with all of your storage needs. Contact us at (281) 355-7000 and see how we can help you store just about anything safely and affordably!