How-To Clean Your Storage Unit


Texas Mega Storage
September 28th, 2023

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A storage unit can be an incredibly helpful piece of property that will make your life so much easier. Whether it's family heirlooms, furniture, holiday supplies, or clothing that you aren’t wearing during this season, a storage unit will keep everything that you own safe no matter the time of year or the weather outside.
Keeping your items in a storage unit for an extended amount of time can be a bit tricky. You may be in an out of your unit. With time, it can turn into a big mess if the items are not organized properly. It’s important to take the proper precautions to take care of your items and keep the unit clean.
Cleaning the storage facility that you rent is in fact a very crucial part of maintaining the high quality and condition of your items. That is why you need to be sure that you are doing this the right way. Thankfully, there are just a few simple steps that you need to follow when you’re doing your regular cleaning of the storage unit to maintain the safety of your items. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to thoroughly clean your storage unit:

Cleaning Your Storage Unit in Spring, Texas

Assemble Your Materials

Before you can do anything, you need to collect the appropriate cleaning items. Typically, you’re going to need to have:

  • A dustpan as well as a broom
  • A mop & bucket
  • A disinfectant or cleaning solution
  • Trash bags
  • Cleaning rags or cloths
  • A vacuum cleaner

Pick A Time That Works for You

After you have accumulated the cleaning supplies you’ll need, it’s not time for you to decide on when you’ll be visiting your storage unit to clean it. Remember that this might not be a process that happens in a matter of minutes. It could take hours. Also, remember that your storage unit could be quite dirty or dusty so you should dress in appropriate attire so that you don’t mind getting scuffed up a bit.
This all means that you should pick a period when you won't feel pressured and when you can devote enough time to cleaning your storage container. And don't forget the weather that your region has too, as this can greatly affect your comfort during cleaning. If your unit is outdoors, it's better to pick a day with favorable weather. The interior of your storage unit will always be quite a bit more intense than the world outside, so you need to pay close attention to the weather conditions, warm or cold, before you head out.

Empty the Space

Step one is probably the biggest when you are cleaning your storage unit and it’ll require the most physical work. That’s because the first thing you’ll do is empty the storage unit.
You will take everything out of your storage container before you do anything. This will enable you to clean the space well and go over your possessions to see if there is any damage or anything you should get rid of.

Sort and Purge

Now that everything is out of the unit, you have a great ability to look through your items and decide what to keep. Sort goods into three piles: keep, donate, and dispose. Get rid of whatever you don't need or desire. This is an important part of the process that many people skip. They assume that they want all the items in their unit. And while that may have been true at one point, you’d be surprised by the number of things that you are ready to say goodbye to when you are cleaning.
Don’t be afraid to throw away anything that you no longer need. Don’t just throw it away, prepare to donate it!


Now is the time when you should sweep the whole unit, making sure to remember the corners and edges. Once that is done, dust the unit to get rid of any dust and grime. All the swept-up material can then be collected with a dustpan and put in a garbage bag for disposal.
You’ll want to do more than just sweep. Fill a pail and use an appropriate cleaning agent or disinfectant to mop. Then get to mopping. This will be sure to get rid of any last traces of filth or stains.
Before putting your items back in the unit, make sure the floor is totally dry to avoid moisture-related damage. Remember that moisture can be very damaging to the items in a closed unit, so you must be 100% sure all moisture and wetness is gone before you put it all back.


If your storage unit contains carpeted or upholstered sections, you need to think about bringing a vacuum cleaner so that you can clean the carpeted surfaces. This part of the process will help eliminate all collected dust, allergies, and vermin.

Organize and Label

As you start to put your things back into the rented unit, you should arrange them to make the most of the available space. Smaller things should be stored in transparent plastic containers or boxes with labels for easy identification.

Keep it Clean

The process isn’t over after your first cleaning session. This will now become a regular habit that you’ll do again and again. After the first cleaning, make sure to schedule regular trips to your storage space to make sure it always remains tidy. Check often for any indications of pests, wetness, or damage and take immediate action to resolve these problems.
The steps that we have given you will help maintain a tidy, well-organized storage facility where your possessions are kept in good shape and are simple to find when you need them. But you can’t let up after the first time! Future cleaning jobs will be easier to handle with regular organizing and care.
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