Motorcycle Storage Tips


November 10th, 2020

Motorcycle Storage Tips Here are some suggestions to help avoid damage to your motorcycle if you put it into storage during the winter season: • Warm up the engine so that all the old oil will drain. Refill with new oil. Clean the oil filter or replace with a new one. Have a complete lubrication job done, making sure that the chain receives a light coating of oil. On two-stroke engines the transmission should be drained and refilled . • Remove the spark plugs and give each cylinder a coating of oil. Clean and inspect the plugs and install new ones if necessary. • Make sure the fuel tank, lines and carburetor are completely drained of fuel. • Disconnect the battery and wash off any corrosion with a solution of baking soda and water. Store the battery at room temperature or slightly cooler. • Inflate the tires to their recommended pressure. Wash and wax all painted surfaces and polish all the chrome. Be sure your machine is protected from the weather.