Picking The Right Size Storage Unit


E. Scott
January 6th, 2022

inside of storage units in spring, texas
Before heading to a local storage facility make sure you have answers to what size storage will be right for you.

You may be wondering what size storage unit do I need? The answer isn’t always plain since there are numerous types and sizes of storage units to consider.

The availability, the intended use of and what you will be storing will help you decide on what size unit will suit your needs.

How to Determine What Size Storage Unit You Need

1. Determine what you will be storing

No one wants to rent a storage space only to find out that it is not large enough and that you’ll have to either rent another space or move your belongings to a larger space. You’ll first want to figure out how you will be utilizing the space.

Questions you may want to ask yourself:

• Will I be storing a vehicle?
• Will I be storing for a business that may expand?
• Will these be a temporary situation?
• Will I be storing long term?
• Will I be rotating items in and out of the unit?

It’s important to know which of your belongings you will be storing and if this will be changing in the foreseeable future. For example, if you are renting a unit for your expansive business inventory you might consider getting a larger unit so you have room to grow if needed. If you are trying to do some spring cleaning or declutter your home you might want to allow for a little extra space up front to sort and organize. If this happens to only be a temporary move then you will want to pick out a unit that is appropriate size
from the start.

2. Write out an inventory list

Most people have a general idea of what they will be storing but sometimes you don’t realize how much stuff you have to store until you actually take an inventory. When writing out your inventory estimate how many boxes you will be storing, which pieces of furniture you will be storing and get measuremtns of the furniture if you can.

3. Try using painters tape to measure out sizes of storage units.

If you have a hard time visualizing the size space you’ll be needing try using some painters tape or masking tape to measure out the sizes of storage units in your driveway or any open area. Start placing some empty moving boxes inside to see how the designated area is filled. This trick works really well for the smaller storage sizes.

4. If you’re not sure go one size bigger

Trying to save money by picking a unit that might be too small isn’t always a smart choice. Safety could become an issue. For example, stacking boxes over 4 high is a bad idea. Damage can incur or worse injury could result if the boxes were to lean and possibly fall on to you or another person. Stacking furniture too high could cause the same results.

Also, remember that a larger unit is usually only a couple more dollars a month. Sometimes the larger units are even cheaper than the smaller ones depending on availability. Non climate controlled are usually cheaper as well. Don’t let the larger size hinder your decision. Run the numbers and determine which will be the most economical for your needs.

If after these steps you are still unsure of what size you might need call Texas Mega Storage in Spring, Texas at 281-355-7000 and let us help you determine the right size for you.