What to Look for in a Storage Unit Facility

Storage Unit Facility

Texas Mega Storage
March 28th, 2022

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Storage units are a great way to keep all of the belongings you love without creating a huge eyesore in your home. A messy home isn't just unpleasant to look at, it can be downright dangerous too. It may result in fire hazards that prevents a safe exit from your home. A cluttered home also invites pests and other problems.

If it is in your budget, you shouldn't second-guess the idea of renting a storage unit to store your personal belongings. But if you are going down that route, what should you do to make sure you only get the best storage unit for you. What should you be on the look-out for when you are hunting for your storage unit? What do you need and what do you need to avoid?

Factors When Deciding on Your Storage Unit Facility


No matter the size of your bank account, pricing is always a factor. When it comes to storage units, the amount that is charged can vary on a number of factors. This includes where the storage unit is located and the size. If there aren't a lot of options nearby or if demand is high, a storage unit company might charge more. It could be worth it for you to explore cities outside of your own when looking for an affordable storage unit. You probably won't have to venture too far since there are storage units in nearly every city but you shouldn't settle on a company that will be costing you too much. Remember that you are paying every single month for your unit so you should find a facility that fits your budget.


You are putting some very personal and important items in your storage unit. That is why you need to be sure that the storage unit company you are trusting will do right by you and will make sure that your items will always remain safe.

Remember that you won't be laying eyes on your items at all times. You have to trust your storage unit will stay secure 24 hours a day. The best storage unit company worth your time and money will have gates, fences, security cameras, and locks. You should only have access to the storage unit facility if you are a customer.

You can never be too safe! And when you are placing your items in a storage unit, safety is perhaps the most important feature to look for. You're not just paying for the space to store your items. You are paying for the safety too.


Often people only get storage units for moving. After realizing how beneficial a storage unit can be, they may decide to keep the unit. When you choose your storage unit facility, you should consider a location that works for you long-term.

Once you know you have a place to keep your excess items, you will soon find more and more things at home that you want to store. Whether it is spring cleaning, new roommates, or switching your seasonal outdoor gear, you may be making trips to your storage unit frequently. Unless the prices in your town are far too high, you should try to locate and rent from a storage unit company that is nearby.


While pricing, security, and location is fundamental to a storage facility, reviews are the quickest way to discover a customer’s satisfaction before you take the chance of renting with them. Through reviews, you can see a storage facilities major selling points and their weaknesses. Customers may speak out about customer service, hidden fees, security, cleanliness, or other issues that could be important to you.

Investigating is key, especially when you will be relying on this company for something as important as keeping your items safe. There is a chance that the storage company you're looking into is actually great and the reviews could confirm that. Don't always expect the worst but don't ever skip this important step.

It is also vital to keep in mind that some people leave false negative reviews without knowing the impact it may have on the company. Read positive and negative reviews carefully and use your best judgement.

Customer Service

Have you ever gone to a business and could tell that the administrator was miserable? We have all had this experience before. Customer service often determines the quality of a business. With high-quality customer service, it is more likely the property and customer concerns will be addressed. It is not often that issues occur with a storage unit. However, if you want to change your unit, updating billing information, or have any other basic questions, you will appreciate choosing a company with great customer service.

Using a storage unit can be a very beneficial choice for your home and lifestyle. However, it is important to find a facility that you can rely on. At Texas Mega Storage, we provide secure storage units at a great price. Our employees are friendly and here to help you if a problem occurs. Contact our storage facility in Spring, Texas today to book your unit. You can book online or over the phone.