Storing Jewelry in Self-Storage


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July 20th, 2023

storing jewelry in storage unit
Jewelry is a precious item in any home, but there might not be room to keep it all with you. One of the most popular locations to store jewelry is in self-storage - but there is a high risk the pieces may become tarnished if stored improperly. Are there any ways to keep precious pieces secure in self-storage so they won’t fall apart?

This article can help you determine whether storing jewelry in self-storage is right for you.

How Can You Store Jewelry in Self-Storage So It Won't Tarnish?

Look For Climate Control

Climate control is one of the first things you should consider when putting pieces inside a unit. One of the biggest causes of tarnishing is high humidity levels, which causes metal and other materials to deteriorate when it’s hot outside in humid environments. Climate control will make an incredible difference in its lifespan.

If you keep your pieces at home, silica packets and dehumidifiers are an excellent addition. In self-storage, the best choice is a climate-controlled unit. Furniture needs a consistent temperature to avoid any chemical changes.

Separate By Material

The first thing you should do is jot down your jewelry inventory. Write down the materials, types, and other critical information. Put them in different locations based on their type - fine, silver, costume, and more.

Let’s dive into a few of the more specific separation methods based on the material of the jewelry. The better you care for each product, the longer your items will last in the storage unit.

Put Silver in Felt

Silver jewelry is one of the most common varieties. This material does best when covered in felt, so invest in a quality box lined with felt to keep the product in one piece.

It might also help to encase the silver pieces in additional items inside a felt container:

  • Felt pouches
  • Silver polishing cloth

These offer an additional layer of security to the product.

Silver tends to tarnish. If you store the materials over several years, take them out at least twice a year to polish off any tarnish. As you clean, ensure you don’t overdo it to prevent further damage.

Keep Stones Out of Light

Refrain from putting any precious metals or stones in a location where they might come in contact with UV rays. If you hang up necklaces and bracelets to ensure they are not tangled, ensure you cover them to provide another layer of defense.

Most of the time, there is no natural light flooding inside self-storage units. It doesn’t hurt to examine the self-storage location before moving your items inside for extra peace of mind. Invest in nice, thick boxes and bags for pieces that don’t need to be hung up.

Put Pearls in Wood and Felt

If you have pearls, ensure you keep them separate from each other. It’s best to put them in thick wooden boxes, lined with felt. This container will keep each pearl in one location and stop outside elements from moving inside.

Never put pears inside plastic bags and boxes made of plastic. If kept inside the unit in plastic for too long, the makeup of the plastic could interact with the composition of the pearls and cause them to fall apart inside the unit. Plus, it’s much easier for plastic materials to get damaged.

Keep Diamonds Apart

Diamonds should always be kept apart from each other. A diamond is durable, so if it comes in contact with other stones, there’s a chance it could scratch them and potentially cause them to fall apart much faster. Hold them in a separate box, individually wrapped.

It’s also a good idea to consider putting diamond jewelry in a safe or a lockbox for safekeeping. Storage unit break-ins rarely occur, but it offers additional protection for the pieces and will bring you peace of mind when leaving the items in the self-storage unit.

Think About Jewelry Insurance

Although it’s unlikely something will happen to your pieces, it’s a good idea to consider jewelry insurance while using the self-storage unit. If you have an extensive collection, you can prepare for a disaster before it happens. Take photos of all your pieces beforehand to ensure you have proof of all your belongings.

Jewelry storage won’t be able to replace previous heirlooms or priceless gifts if they are stolen. However, they will assist you with stolen pieces, damages, and losses incurred during the theft. You can typically access jewelry insurance through your renters or homeowners’ insurance, and some plans might already have this coverage included.

Keep Products Clean and Dry

Finally, ensure you keep your jewelry products clean and dry in storage. It’s a good idea to give them a final cleaning and wipe them dry before putting them away in the self-storage facility. If you wear it out in the rain and want to put it back inside, dry it to prevent tarnishing.

Clean jewelry that already has a tarnish on it before putting it away in storage. If you put it away with damage, it may cause the product to deteriorate faster, and placing products that are already falling apart inside with untarnished pieces might cause the clean item to decay.

Storing Your Jewelry in Spring, Texas

Careful storage is critical to ensure your jewelry pieces come out of self-storage untarnished. With these tips, you can feel confident leaving your items behind until it’s time to move them out again.

If you’re looking for a clean and secure location to keep jewelry, look no further than Texas Mega Storage in Spring, Texas. We want to provide the best possible customer experience with our units, whether you want something small or large. Contact us for more information on how we can serve your storage needs. You can also book a storage unit online.