What Are the Different Types of Storage Units?

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March 23rd, 2023

climate controlled storage unit
Whether it’s furniture, family heirlooms, clothing, or seasonal items that you only use once a year, a storage unit is a great idea to keep all the things you love most safe and sound no matter the weather outside.

It is now very common to see storage unit businesses pop-up all-over town. In fact, if you are thinking of making the smart move of renting a storage unit, you might feel overwhelmed with the number of options you have. There have never been so many choices laid before you!

But before you can find the right storage unit for you, you need to understand the differences between the specific, unique kinds of units on the market. This is not a one size fits all sort of situation. There are different types of storage units that are right for one circumstance and not ideal for the other.

So, what are some of the different types of storage units that you may find as you hunt for one to call your own? Believe it or not, there are a few that you must choose from!

Types of Storage Units

Climate-Controlled Storage Units

If you have ever stepped foot inside a storage unit that is being impacted by the immense heat of the summer, you know just how uncomfortable it can be. The heat can skyrocket, the humidity can soar, and it can quickly turn the unit into an unpleasant place.

The good news is that storage units are not made for humans. It doesn’t matter how hot or humid it gets inside because you won’t be staying there. But these sorts of rough temperature conditions can be very bad for several items, including clothing, art, and other precious possessions.

If the humidity and heat get too hot inside a storage unit, many of the objects that you love so much will not be safe and can be permanently ruined. That is why a climate-controlled storage unit might be right for you.

With this special kind of storage unit, the indoor units are controlled to a degree. They are insulated and climate-controlled storage units will ensure that the temperature inside will remain pleasant and safe, no matter how things are stored. This means that your property will stay safe all year round.

This is great for anyone who is holding onto antiques, electronics, important documents, musical instruments, and more. The temperature and humidity levels will not affect them in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Indoor Storage Unit

An indoor storage unit is a great way to ensure extra security and a bit of extra temperature control, without the additional costs that come with a climate-controlled unit.

Indoor storage units are located inside of a building. That means that you won’t have direct access to the unit from the outside. You will have to enter another building to reach your indoor storage unit.

This is good for several reasons. While you may have to put in a little extra effort to get to your stuff, so will anyone trying to break in. Indoor security units have an extra layer of security because not just anyone can reach them.

And the fact that an indoor unit remains inside means that the temperature will remain comfortable too. Indoor storage units won’t be bathed in hot sunlight all time and will also enjoy at least a little bit of air conditioning. While the units won’t be as cool and controlled as climate-controlled ones, they will still be good for most of the special and delicate items we spoke of before.

Outdoor Storage Unit

One of the most affordable types of storage units on the market today are outdoor storage units.

These units can be accessed immediately and directly from the outside. They are almost always kept behind a locked gate but once you have made it through the fencing, you can simply walk or drive right up to your storage unit. A simple lock is all that keeps your unit safe. After you access your padlock, you can quickly open up the storage unit.

An outdoor storage unit might not provide as much security and it will be much hotter than other types of units. If you live in a very warm part of the country, you can expect your outdoor storage unit to get incredibly hot. And if you live in a very cold region, the unit will similarly get shockingly cold at times too.

But an outdoor storage unit is great for people who want to easily transfer their items. You can simply drive your moving truck right up to the unit, open it up, and put your stuff inside with ease. Loading and unloading an outdoor storage unit is about as easy as it gets, even with supremely heavy and large items.

Portable Storage Unit

There is a new and unique type of storage unit that is becoming more and more popular. A portable storage unit is shipped directly to you and can hold a whole lot. In fact, some portable storage units can even fit entire cars inside them.

Portable storage units are often used for people who are moving across the country. The unit arrives at their first location, they then load them up. Then a moving truck arrives, carries the storage unit to a new location, and the client is able to unload at their final destination.

Additionally, you can fill up a portable storage unit and then allow it to sit at a commercial warehouse for a relatively affordable monthly fee.

Portable storage units have become popular because they are easy to use and can hold just about everything. But they are rarely a long-term solution for holding onto personal items and are typically only used for those who are moving from one part of the country to another. In many ways, they are becoming the modern-day U-Haul truck.

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